Capricorn & Friends


Capricorns are highly selective in choosing friends. They want relationships of substance. They may have flings in their life, but it’s more the exception than the rule. They are extremely loyal people and they truly give their all to the people that they allow into their lives. It may be easy for Capricorns to make friends because they can be effortlessly funny and tend to not know how effervescent they are, which others find exceedingly adorable. However, Capricorns are very introverted and can go through periods of seclusion and isolation that can be confusing and almost insulting to less sensitive individuals. So Capricorns have to be selective in order to find friends who will accept the fact that their batteries very often need charging. Becoming friends with a Capricorn will take some time and sensitivity on your part, but once you have a Capricorn’s trust and loyalty, you have the fiercest, most loving friend you could ask for. They will do anything for you in your times of need, and behind that reserved appearance is a dirty joke or a slap stick comedy routine waiting to be released. But remember: if you’re looking for something frivolous, look elsewhere. This girl or guy would rather be completely alone than surrounded by people they can’t stand. But once they choose you, you’ll have a true friend for life.