how on earth does “i thought i was gay when i was 9 because i could draw” make sense like how the f*ck can anyone deem that song revolutionary for LGBTQ people??? that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard and is insulting tbh



i’m laughing really hard about the guy telling cam he couldn’t bottom due to poor digestion because who says that 


i’m still thinking about the cgi baby tbh


i don’t think i’m being overly dramatic when i say that the megan wants a millionaire contest who murdered someone completely ruined my life

  • which fictional character would you most want to bang?
  • stephanie: whitney port

one step for pans, one giant leap for pankind




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highlights include saying my name, blog url, and blog TITLE when introducing me and then referring to whitney port as a fictional character


i haven’t been able to get over LMFAO youtube comment ever since i saw it Many Moons Ago and i think about it p much every day